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In 2023, Royal Harvest reached significant milestones in our journey to become a prominent name in the cannabis industry. Our dedication to crafting top-notch cannabis strains earned recognition at two of the industry’s most prestigious events, highlighting our commitment to excellence and innovation in cannabis cultivation.

Sherb-O by Royal Harvest Cannabis


Sunset Sherb BX1 X Oreoz

Discover Sherb-O, an Indica-dominant masterpiece meticulously crafted by Royal Harvest, fusing Sunset Sherb BX1 and Oreoz for a distinctive flavor symphony. This strain treats your taste buds to a complex blend of sweet earth, sandalwood, and zesty citrus notes, all harmonizing into a delightful honey finish. Sherb-O’s lavish buds, lavishly coated in trichomes, showcase a rich green hue with captivating purple undertones.


Biscotti x Gelato

Gelatti, a meticulously crafted blend of Biscotti and Gelato by Royal Harvest, boasts a sophisticated essence, featuring spiced, nutty aromas with creamy undertones. The buds, donning shades from emerald to army green, stand out with their vibrant orange pistils and a generous coating of trichomes. It’s the epitome of Indica-leaning sophistication.

Inspirational OG

Gelato 45 X Triangle Kush

Discover ‘Inspiration OG’ by Royal Harvest Lineage, born from Gelato 45 and Triangle Kush. Named in the heart of Vancouver’s cannabis community, it offers a sweet candy gas aroma, with exquisitely pungent and vibrantly colored buds, a true delight for connoisseurs.

Frosted Fruit Cake

Fruity Pebbles OG x Wedding Cake

Introducing Frosted Fruit Cake, a legacy exotic gem meticulously crafted by Royal Harvest through the fusion of Fruity Pebbles OG and Wedding Cake genetics. This extraordinary strain delights the senses with its prominent strawberry essence, complemented by a lingering fuel undertone. Its dense, trichome-rich buds feature a mesmerizing blend of deep evergreen and light green shades, truly embodying cannabis elegance.

BC Cannabis by Royal Harvest Cannabis

...coming soon

Collabs & Special Projects

Stay tuned for an exciting lineup of collaborations and fresh projects slated for 2024, courtesy of Royal Harvest. Our team, with over 35 years of collecting, breeding, and pheno hunting, is geared up and ready to roll out an impressive array of 30+ strains already primed for launch. We’re set to bring you remarkable ventures that promise to redefine your cannabis experience. To catch all the latest updates and exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses, don’t forget to Follow Us on Instagram. Join us on this journey of exploration and innovation in the world of cannabis!

Award winning

Royal Harvest Craft Cannabis

Dive into our curated collection of top-tier strains and products. Discover the difference with Royal Harvest today.

Award Winning Cannabis

Winner of Collectors' Cup
& The Rosebud Bowl 2023

2023 has been a milestone year for us at Royal Harvest. Our commitment to crafting exceptional cannabis strains has been recognized at two of the industry’s most prestigious events; The Collectors’ Cup & The Unicorn Music Festival ft. The Rosebud Bowl 2023 for Frosted Fruit Cake and Sherb-O, respectively!

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About Royal Harvest

Royal Harvest Craft Cannabis is the embodiment of cannabis excellence, boasting chunky, frosted buds and exclusive genetics that are the envy of the industry. Their commitment to crafting top-tier cannabis experiences is unmatched, and their dedication to quality shines through in every bud. With Royal Harvest, you’re not just getting cannabis; you’re getting an elite, one-of-a-kind experience.

"It's got that smooth, smoke-grey ash and is rich in resin, just how us old-school stoners like it. It tickles the throat with that heavy resin feel. On the exhale, it's super fruity, followed by a skunky, woody, and mildly sweet taste. Perfect combo." - (Frosted Fruit Cake review)

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Producing some of the cleanest burning product in the industry.

At Royal Harvest Craft Cannabis, our unwavering commitment to quality shines through in every facet of our cultivation process. We take immense pride in growing some of the cleanest burning cannabis available in the industry.

Our meticulous attention to detail and dedication to excellence guarantee that each product we offer meets the highest standards. When you choose Royal Harvest Craft Cannabis, you’re choosing purity, potency, and an unparalleled cannabis experience.



“Sherb-O has become my go-to thanks to Royal Harvest. It’s got that perfect blend of flavors that just hits the spot every time. Plus, it looks amazing. These guys are on top of their game.”

Kevin T.

“Inspiration OG from Royal Harvest? Absolutely fantastic. The aroma gets you right away, and those buds are a visual treat. They’ve got the magic touch with their strains, no doubt about it.”

Testimonial Image
Rachel P.

“Royal Harvest’s Frosted Fruit Cake is a game-changer. The sweet, fruity taste is just what I need after a long day. It’s like a little escape to relaxation town.”

Mark D.

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We've grown into a larger facility and will be handing our own Direct Delivery to serve you better.